Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Movie Stars Café

Movie Stars Cafe.. It is very nice and my most recommended restaurant in Seaside "MOA" Pasay City Manila!

A great picture first to increase your Appetite in reading this blog!

Hmm Yummy!!

Wow this food really looks AMAZING!! do you Feel hungry NOW? if YES then GO TO Seaside "MOA" Pasay city Manila and try this out! You can also use this Coupon code JPZU-1474 to Avail 10% Discount to your total bill! Just give this code to the employee of movie stars cafe have the discount.

Well back to our blog topic! This is what I love the most in this restaurant.. There was a Long buffet- photo below is from Movie Stars actual picture. Oh how desperate I am to show you what kind of food are available in Movie Stars Cafe. Also I loved their Penne with Tomatoes and Cheese, Salisbury Steak and Sushi corner. Part of our buffet package was their unlimited cocktails, where we kept on asking for Tequila Sunrise as our beverage

Movie Stars Café allows you to take pictures with your favorites as the staff dressed up in various movie characters provide entertainment. They approach guests ready with posing gestures of the character they're in. They make sure everyone gets a good laugh and enjoys a great cosplay eyecandy on and off stage.

Movie Stars Café's fun atmosphere had my daughter enjoyed going around the hero-themed restaurant for more snapshots.

Movie Stars Café offers buffet or ala carte food. The buffet spread is a meat lovers delight. 

This is really awsome!! very good food and serve well. I also enjoy the activities/Show that this restaurant provide! and the very good part is that I try this JPZU-1474 Coupon code and avail 10% discount on my total bill upon billing out! Hell YEAH! the most good part is that this code can also be used by you! that is why I am sharing my blessing! 

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10% discount? not bad right!

GOOD restaurant with a very nice show!